“Good plans shape good decisions.
That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.”

Our Party CAD Software 
takes the guesswork out of your seating arrangements

You can frustrate yourself by drawing sketch after sketch for you next party or reception, and you still have no idea if it's accurate or drawn to scale. Eliminate the guesswork and frustration with a trip to Savon Party Center. Our Party CAD (computer assisted design) Software lets you map your layout easily and accurately. Guest tables, service tables, dance floor, and more; you see it all so there are no surprises on the big day.

We've provided sample layouts to illustrates a number of tent sizes configured with various tables, dance floors, and more. Would you like a bigger head table? Need a gift table or another service table? How will that affect your layout and space? Do you need a bigger tent? Add and delete items till it suits your needs perfectly, then see how it all fits together right in front of you!

After laying out your floor plan we can then provide a custom quote for your event on the spot. Give us a call at 845-336-5800 to see how we can help you plan a well prepared and furnished event!