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Take things up a notch by having a real dance floor or professional sound system at your next party or event! Our 1'x1' parquet floor tiles can be used to configure virtually any size or shape you need. We can also provide a stage, lighting, and tent heaters and patio heaters to keep your outdoor event comfortable year round. Heaters do not include propane which is available at $25 for a 20 lb. tank or $125 for a 120 lb. tank. And our Porta Potty selection ensures the ultimate in comfort and convenience for you and your guests.

Indoor Dance Floor: $1.50/sq ft

Outdoor Dance Floor: $2.00/sq ft

8x8 Stage: $150.00

8x12 Stage: $225.00

8x16 Stage: $300.00

12x16 Stage: $450.00

Portable Sound System: $125.00

Small Sound System: $175.00

Medium Sound System: $225.00

Large Sound System: $275.00

Pedestal Fans: $50.00

Floor Fans (20"): $25.00

Patio Heaters: $75.00

Tent Heater 80K BTU: $150.00

Tent Heater 175K BTU: $250.00

Basic Porta Potty : $195.00

Flushing Deluxe Porta Potty : $225.00

Special Needs Porta Potty : $225.00

2 Room Bathroom Trailer: $1500.00

3 Room Bathroom Trailer: $1700.00

Rustic Wine Barrel: $60.00

Wedding Trellis: $60.00

Wedding Archway: $60.00

Additional lighting available upon request