In 1999, my wife Yvonne and I bought Sav-On from her father, Mike Spada, and launched ourselves into business. Over all these years (some great, some not so great), through three locations and many changes, we have carried on.

In the spring of 2018, I had a very serious heart failure requiring two surgeries, six weeks of hospitalization in New York City and months of recovery at home. I was quite sure Sav-On would not be there when I got better. The daily responsibilities of managing a business like this are tremendous. Things such as staffing, payroll, financial management, customer service, and inventory control are things that I couldn't even think about it while I was in the hospital. There was no way it would all be there when I got better.

I was wrong! Not only was Sav-On still there when I recovered, it was being run better than I had ever run it. Two very special young women stepped up to the plate and made it happen. My long time wonderful second-in-command in the office, Allison Gaston, and our daughter Chelsea teamed up to take on management of Sav-On while I was incapacitated for an entire season. Allison was in the office every day, not only doing her own very important job but also doing mine and doing it better than I had. Chelsea, also an elementary school teacher, managed not only to help Allison whenever she could, but also ran the ATM division of our business with her husband (then fiancé), Sean. Along with all that, Chelsea visited us every few days at the hospital in NYC, a four hour round trip, always remembering to bring the nurses and staff at Columbia Presbyterian some special treat to put in their break room.

These two wonderful young women have now assumed the helm of Sav-On! In 2019, they officially took over, bought all my stock in the company and now own it completely. I'm so very proud of them both.

Yvonne and I thank you for the many years of support for our multi-generational family business, and hope you will continue to let Sav-On serve all your event equipment rental needs. Congratulations Allison Gaston and Chelsea Becker, new owners of Sav-On, you earned it!


Scott and Yvonne Herrington